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To help turn all existing and future real estate sustainable through our reliably transparent and compassionately objective risks and value analytics platform that increases energy efficiency, profitability, property prices and quality of life.


We want to make our curiously prophetic and fully scalable real estate analytics platform equally accessible to all property owners, portfolio managers, banks and insurance companies everywhere on this Earth.


By 2041 we as gently rioting data analytics experts have become the world’s leading providers in predictive property insight solutions who guide entire industries towards more reasonable societies on 
this planet and beyond.

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We help property owners, portfolio managers, banks and insurance companies make more responsible decisions through our objective and transparent risk and value assessment platform.


We are an independent operator with no noxious liaisons. We have the required engineering expertise, strategic skills and full scalability to gather, manage, analyse and optimise all real estate data better than most companies in our space.


We are reliable, user-centric, accurate and accountable and we will always prioritize the enduring wellbeing of this planet .

We want to standardize the integration of climate change risks into asset and portfolio valuations

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Our absolute strength is to understand and reveal the complex nonlinear connections that exist between the real estate values and it’s green credentials and performance (energy, co2 etc..). This has combined with growth in ESG focused investment, into an essential metric for any Property related industry. This ranges from your Property Owner, Bank Manager to your real estate professional and investor. We had predicted this would be the case and therefore have helped accelerate this positive change in priorities across man Organizations.


New regulations and trends show that sustainability is not only smart and environmentally conscious but is becoming the norm in the equation of investment thesis. Being able to impact and add value to this transition for the institutional players, experts. We view our mission as driving change with other like minded industry partners that want to drastically increase their Green impact and accelerate the Sustainable transition in our industry.

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We predict the future of sustainable real estate by replacing intuition with profitable facts.



Let’s face and adore it. We are not clueless tech kids anymore but we have a proper engineering heritage that gives us a solid edge over our competitors. Over the years we have experienced and tried, made mistakes and errors, succeeded and failed. We’re not done yet but we’ll continue to read, listen, hear and keep on asking the dumbest questions when necessary. Platforms, guidelines, laws, regulations, social structures, mandates, megatrends, philosophies, innovations. There’s so much to learn. Our potential is epic. We promise to stay nonstop nosy and forever inquisitive. We predict the future of sustainable real estate. That’s what makes us Curiously Prophetic.



We are an independent operator with no noxious liaisons to anywhere. We build our own tech, develop our own platforms, design our own services and make our own decisions. We receive outside funding but take no orders from anyone. At all times we are in total control of everything and our steady mission is to make our easy-to-use risk and value assessment platform equally accessible to everyone around the world. We define the value of real estate through unbiased and helpful data. We care more about the enduring wellbeing of this planet than obsessions of uncontrollable growth. That’s what makes us Compassionately Objective.



We are the global thought and tech leaders of our industry. We have the essential engineering expertise, required strategic skills and easily scalable advanced platforms to gather, manage, analyze and optimize all real estate data better than most companies on this planet. We are factual, user-centric, hassle-free and accurate and we genuinely understand that we can’t be any of those things without transparency. Our funding rounds, investment records and client listings are made as public as possible and our values, purpose, mission, vision and manifest are openly stated on our website. We replace intuition with profitable facts. That’s what makes us Reliably Transparent.



We are humble, kind, mutinous and self-confident. We like to lead but we also know when to shut up and listen. We are seriously committed in what we do but we allow us to have genuine fun while doing it. We make great things with data but we are not robots but real people with human feelings. Any given day we smile and laugh remembering that the life at home matters even more than our work. We are not perfect in anything but we try to be as diverse, equal and inclusive as we possibly can. We have our own voice, character and attitude that differs from others like us. We appreciate and deliver profit but only when it’s sustainably justified. That’s what makes us Gently Rioting.

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