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Leaders in predictive data analytics

We specialise in modelling and monitoring technical, financial and ESG risk metrics for financial institutions and asset managers. These users rely on our platform and expertise to guide their financing and investment choices, while effectively managing risks.

Our specialist real estate technology combines data, science, statistics and proprietary AI algorithms to deliver accurate, efficient and objective data for all real estate classes.

Our story

Founded in Finland in 2015, SkenarioLabs was born from the aspirations of three engineers who wanted to harness data to change the real estate world for the better.

The journey began with work on accurate energy efficiency modelling techniques for large masses, followed by the development of our proprietary automated valuation models. 

Over the years, functionality and features have evolved in line with changing regulations and client needs, to build the SkenarioLabs platform as it exists today.

Our ethos has always been to work with like-minded partners who are dedicated to improving their environmental impact and accelerating sustainable practices across the entire real estate sector.

Back in 2015, this wasn’t the norm. However, we’re pleased to have witnessed the industry evolve, with regulators, governments and decision-makers now prioritising environmentally-led strategies and green investments.

Our ethos has always been to work with like-minded partners who are dedicated to improving their environmental impact and accelerating sustainable practices across the entire real estate sector.

Back in 2015, this wasn’t the norm. However, we’re pleased to have witnessed the industry evolve, with regulators, governments and decision-makers now prioritising environmentally-led strategies and green investments.

In early 2022, we expanded our operations to open a UK branch, with a dedicated local team in place to manage our continued growth in this market. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a team of around 30 climate-conscious individuals, serving a global client base – from Canada to Kosovo.

We prioritise remote working, with our agile team collaborating virtually across Europe. Our headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland – just a short bike ride or an even shorter metro trip from downtown Helsinki, whilst our UK team maintains an office space in London.


To provide an objective risk and value analytics platform that facilitates the transformation of all existing and future real estate into sustainable assets.


To make our real estate analytics platform accessible to all property owners, portfolio managers, credit banks and insurance companies worldwide.


To establish ourselves as the global leader in predictive property insight solutions by 2041.

Team & culture

Meet the team

We are a multi-cultural crowd hailing from 17 different countries.

From data engineers and developers to building experts, marketers and sales professionals, our team is united by a common goal: addressing the climate crisis.

Topi Tiihonen
Topi TiihonenCEO & Founder
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Basketball fanatic and forever active power forward, originally from Finland.
Timo Valsi
Timo ValsiCSO & Founder
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Genius of totally random but still somehow useful trivia, originally from Finland.
Hannu Nikupeteri
Hannu NikupeteriCTO & Founder
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Lover of snow who starts the outdoor grilling season in February, originally from Finland.
Anni Rahiala
Anni RahialaCOO
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Expert Mechanical Engineer who doesn’t have a driving licence, originally from Finland.
Tom Somers
Tom SomersUK Director
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Your designated driver for a random trip from England to Mongolia, originally from the UK.
Mirka Kekäläinen
Mirka KekäläinenFinance Manager
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Shoe fanatic who owns over one hundred pairs of high heels, originally from Finland.
Uldis Boldāns
Uldis BoldānsHead of Data Engineering
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Football maniac, originally from Latvia.
Peter Sundell
Peter SundellSenior Data Scientist
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Is convinced Stargate is based on a true story, originally from Finland.
Kaoutar Karim
Kaoutar KarimGIS Developer
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Happy-go-lucky northern subway rider, originally from Morocco.
Swostik Shrestha
Swostik ShresthaJunior Data Engineer
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Passionate football enthusiast with an unwavering love for the beautiful game, originally from Nepal.
Ilja Ganulevics
Ilja GanulevicsVP of Engineering
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Casually drives between the UK and Finland a few times a year just so he doesn’t have to wait in airport check-in queues, originally from Latvia.
Erkan Isuf
Erkan IsufJunior Back-end Developer
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Avid explorer who wants to experience everything and everywhere, originally from Bulgaria.
Antti Laurikainen
Antti LaurikainenProduct Owner
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Person who you should call if you ever need an ex-professional paddler, originally from Finland.
Agnesa Xhemajli
Agnesa XhemajliJunior Back-end Developer
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The human skyscraper who's clearly too busy dunking on clouds, originally from Kosovo.
Cédric Henrion
Cédric HenrionSenior Back-end Developer
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Super kawaii expert of all things related to Japan, originally from Belgium.
Ugur Argun
Ugur ArgunSoftware Engineer in Test
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Master of both puppets and photography, originally from Turkey.
Naomi Kargbo
Naomi KargboSales & Marketing Graduate
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Skincare enthusiast and fussy foodie, originally from the UK.
Jukka Viikari
Jukka ViikariHead of Data Science
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Would love to live on a mountain and come down to work on his skis, originally from Finland.
Rasmus Svartsjö
Rasmus SvartsjöJunior MLOps Engineer
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Taming python during the day, jamming to riffs at dusk and conquering virtual worlds by night, originally from Finland.
Thanh Tran
Thanh TranData Engineer
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Your go-to board game maestro, uniting fun-seekers worldwide, originally from Vietnam.
Mathilde Roblot
Mathilde RoblotData Scientist
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Sushi lover who grills marshmallows in the sauna for breakfast, originally from France.
Hans Tiwari
Hans TiwariJunior Data Scientist
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Does magic with data, originally from India.
Pavel Bogdanov
Pavel BogdanovSenior Back-end Developer
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Cap-wearing train, graffiti and rainbow spotter, originally from Russia.
Federica Marongiu
Federica MarongiuBuilding Specialist
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A combination of Ferrari and red wine, originally from Italy.
Jingzhe Yu
Jingzhe YuSenior Back-end Developer
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Aggressive back-end developer, living in Finland, originally from China.

Fair, honest & equal

Whilst we’re all about helping our clients and the wider industry become more sustainable, we recognise that we must also do our bit.

As such, we have devised our own internal strategies to minimise the environmental impact of our platform and business operations.

This involves taking alternative public transport to flights wherever possible and implementing an electronics recycling program.

We’re proud that our open culture and inclusive hiring practices have organically built a diverse, tech-led team. Hugely surpassing industry benchmarks, particularly in terms of female representation in tech and leadership roles. Whilst we acknowledge that no company on the planet is perfect in this regard (ourselves included), we remain committed to amplifying diverse voices, encouraging education and continually refining our DEI policies.

We believe this a responsibility we have not only to ourselves but to the industry as a whole.

Interested in joining our team?​


for sustainable real estate


Our flexible, scaleable and objective technology is tailored to the needs of users who manage a variety of asset classes - including banks, insurers, local governments and property owners.


We use machine learning to help users make better decisions about their properties by revealing the complex relationships between real estate value drivers, risks, green credentials, and technical performance variables.


We are standard-agnostic, currently operating in 13 market areas worldwide. Our globally adaptable algorithm is designed to suit varying location-based challenges and requirements.


Since 2015, we've been perfecting our modelling techniques and algorithms, to provide accurate, real-time insights and analysis.


The SkenarioLabs platform is designed to help users accurately, efficiently and profitably future-proof their properties.



A UKAS-accredited, global data security certification.


Cyber security standards backed by the UK Government.


A highly secure, energy-efficient cloud hosting infrastructure. 

<br><br>ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013
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A UKAS-accredited, global data security certification.​

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Cyber security standards backed by the UK Government.​

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A highly secure, energy-efficient cloud hosting infrastructure.​
No data, no problem

Data Scarcity

Thriving in data-scarce environments is our speciality.

Our bespoke data enrichment processes expertly construct an accurate picture, even from address-only data. Enabling us to support clients with limited or no access to resident and consumption data.

Integrated & Varied

Data Sources

We pool data from a variety of sources including EPC and energy rating registries, building details, demographic and socio-economic data, POI and archetype models, and weather and climate data.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are also used to enhance our data analysis by introducing a spatial dimension to support location-specific decision-making for our users.

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