Accurate data analytics

SkenarioLabs provides automated valuation technology with ESG & technical risk assessments for both residential and commercial real estate.

Our clients range from banks and asset managers to property owners and developers. For banks, we digitalise the loan origination and monitoring process. We reveal the technical state of portfolios and tell what interventions are needed to manage risks and increase the performance. We tell which properties in a market area fits your investment criteria.


Analytics & Forecasts

See detailed analytics and forecast on your property stock and collaterals.

Detailed investment plans

Map needed technical investments and simulate their effects.

Performance and values

Understand how the technical state and performance of the property is affecting the values and returns of your portfolio.

Get Insight into Your Real Estate Assets

1How can SkenarioLabs help your business
Skenarios is a web service that has been designed for property asset managers and financial institutions who need to manage large amount of properties or mortgage collaterals.
Skenarios visualizes and analyses property lifecycle from finding the plot to defining the right rental levels or current market values before an exit.
Understand how your portfolio is performing, and what measures are needed to meet your ESG goals. Analyze the effects of single renovations or portfolio level scenarios.

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