We are the most

curiously prophetic

real estate
analytics company


To help turn all real estate sustainable through our objective risks and value analytics platform that increases energy efficiency, profitability, property prices and quality of life.


We want to make our easy-to-use transparent real estate analytics platform equally accessible to all property owners, portfolio managers, credit banks and insurance companies everywhere on Earth.


By 2041 we have become the world’s leading provider in predictive property insight solutions who guide entire industries towards more reasonable societies on this planet and beyond.


Clients worked
Million buildings
impacted by 2035
Billion assessments
Terabytes of
properties analyzed

Our Story

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Skenariolabs, founded in 2015, is the most curious prophetic analytics company. We help property owners, portfolio managers, credit banks and insurance companies make more responsible decisions through our objective and transparent risk and value assessment platform.

We are an independent operator with no noxious liaisons. We have the required engineering expertise, strategic skills and full scalability to gather, manage, analyze and optimize all real estate data better than most companies on Earth.

We want to standardize the integration of climate change risks into more sustainable asset and portfolio valuation.

Real Estate with White Balcany

We are honest, reliable, user-centric, accurate and accountable and rather than a job we consider this a mission. Our absolute strength is understanding the complex nonlinear connections that exist between the real estate values, green credentials and performance variables.


New regulations and current trends show undoubtedly that ESG focused investments and sustainability strategies are not only environmentally conscious smart choices but they are also becoming the welcomed and much-needed norm in the equation of investment thesis.


For us, all this is neither news nor new but something that we have successfully advocated for years. We drive the essentially important change with other like-minded partners of ours who want to drastically increase their Green Impact effects and accelerate the Sustainable transition throughout the entire real estate industry.

We predict the future of sustainable real estate by replacing intuition with profitable facts.

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