We are A compassionate ensemble of

gently rioting


Hello You.

We are a curiously prophetic group of friends and colleagues who come from different countries and backgrounds. Many of us have a history in engineering but since we prefer not to be associated with boxes we are constantly looking for new people with other areas of knowledge, talent, interests and expertise, even though hardcore techies are also always eternally welcome. 
Once You’ll get here, we try to make You as comfortable, free, happy and cozy as possible. Please note that we consider all of our offices, channels, meetings, events and work trips as safe places, both on and offline, always and without exceptions.

Please also note that some of us might be a bit loud, others can seem shy at first, some have sparkling personalities and some are brilliantly unique in countless other ways and that is precisely the way we like it.

Just like us You can be anyone and from anywhere and anything. We accept, respect and love everyone as long as they share our agreed principles on total equality and universal human rights.

Anonymous woman's hand touching greek sculpture surrounded by roses.

We got a nice physical home here in Espoo Finland, just off a short bike ride or even shorter metro trip from downtown Helsinki, but most of us can work from anywhere they wish. We have different roles and low hierarchies and we are honest, open and totally independent and fully objective.


We can offer You an attractive total package with surely competitive salary and other benefits but none of us do this for money. We do it because we sincerely believe that we can turn the entire real estate industry more sustainable on this planet and beyond.

Age makes no difference to us. Some of us are in our 20’s,
others closer to their 50’s. We don’t care about the
looks either. You can come exactly as You are and be
entirely who You want to be.


Skenariolabs was born in Finland and knowing Finnish is naturally accepted but by no means required. We are a multilingual global company and all of us speak English. We are also fun meaning that even if we do take our job seriously and offer You ambitious life-changing challenges we are not serious people. We laugh and joke around and understand that in the end our lives at home matter even more than the work that we do. If You wanna stay forever You can but we also take a lot of smiles remembering all those brilliantly special people who are now doing wonderful things somewhere else.


We are currently a multicultural crowd of 25 plus people made of analytics, developers, scientists, marketers, engineers and sales and communication professionals and soonish we will be rapidly growing to be significantly but sensible bigger.

If You feel like one of us already, please get in touch or apply to our open positions through LinkedIn.

Either way, we would most definitely love to hear from You and learn Your story, thoughts, goals, and dreams.

This is what




We are not clueless tech kids anymore but we have a proper heritage that gives us an edge over our competitors. We promise to stay nonstop nosy and forever inquisitive and we’ll continue to read, listen, hear and keep on asking the dumbest questions when necessary. We predict the future of sustainable real estate. That’s what makes us Curiously Prophetic.



We are fiercely independent. We build our own tech, develop our own platforms and make our own decisions. At all times we are in total control and our goal is to make our platform equally accessible to everyone on this Earth. We care more about the wellbeing of this planet than obsessions of uncontrollable growth. That’s what makes us Compassionately Objective.



We have the engineering expertise, required skills and advanced platform to manage, analyze and optimize real estate data better than most of our competitors. We want to be as honest and transparent as possible and our culture, strategy and manifest are openly stated on this very website. We replace intuition with profitable facts. That’s what makes us Reliably Transparent.



We are humble, kind, mutinous, fun and self-confident. We make great things with data but we are not robots but real people with human feelings. We are not perfect in anything but we try to be as diverse, equal and inclusive as we can. We appreciate and deliver profit but only when it’s sustainably justified. That’s what makes us Gently Rioting.



Our Diversity, Equality & Inclusion policy

Please listen. We genuinely believe in diversity, equality and inclusion in everything that we do, say and think. But we are also firmly aware that no company on this planet is complete and we most certainly are not. We are educating ourselves to improve in all of our DEI-related matters. We are listening to different voices, especially those that belong to minorities. We will pay more attention to our tone of voice, recruitment processes and hiring representation. Gender, sex, origin, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity or sexual expression, race, language, color, health, disabilities. Those, and many more, are areas where we can do, be and act better. We have a greater responsibility not only to ourselves but to our entire industry. We know that we can’t end global racism, fix international income differences or solve all human rights violations but we can do everything in our power to make sure that our own culture, values, message and actions will be as diverse, equal, and inclusive as possible. Our DEI policies will never be completed.

Our environmental approach

Let’s face it. Traditionally real estate has not been a green, sustainable or environmentally friendly business but the opposite. We are, however, now living in historical times where strict regulators and firm mandates are finally forcing the entire industry to change. This ongoing transition has opened a much-needed window for us to help our clients be part of this new positive transformation. That is our main job. To help turn all real estate everywhere more sustainable and more responsible but we also need to be fair and critical towards our own energy performance, CO2 emissions and other sustainability issues. It’s clear that our platform and business operations consume electricity and other vital resources and we need to be able to optimize all of our services more effectively. Our environmental efforts too will be steady and ongoing to the day we seize to exist.

Our accessibility commitment

Apologies. We know that neither our new website nor our platform is 100% perfect in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness. We try to do our very best to make all of our services more viewable, readable and enjoyable but in the meantime: If You are experiencing any problems navigating this site or any of our services, please contact us directly in any ways you wish and we’ll do our very best to fix those issues and offer You personal assistance immediately. Full and equal accessibility for everyone is what we strongly believe in. That is our goal and vision. All comments, good or bad, are very much appreciated. So is open feedback. Thank You for Your patience, kindness, interest and understanding. You complete us.




our manifest

Ok. This is where we stand. We only have one damn planet. One freaking opening to save it. One opportunity to make things right. One window to step up, play our part and turn one environmentally challenging industry into something better and more responsible.

[ Granted. ]

Our one chance to be honest and transparent. One chance to come up with a solution. One chance to offer the most reliable real estate analytics ever invented.
We have one purpose to make all buildings everywhere more sustainable. One mission to make our difference-making platform equally accessible to everyone.
One vision to guide entire industries towards more reasonable societies, on this planet and beyond.

We are not there yet but we are on our way. We have recognized our strengths and minimized our weaknesses in order to help, help, help and help. That’s right. We wanna help. Help you, help them, help those, help everyone. Make our friends, lovers, clients, investors, collaborators, partners, stakeholders, competitors and haters all understand that this real estate thing that we we do is not just for us but for everyone.

We are not there yet but we are on our way. We have recognized our strengths and minimized our weaknesses in order to help, help, help and help. That’s right. We wanna help. Help you, help them, help those, help everyone. Make our friends, lovers, clients, investors, collaborators, partners, stakeholders, competitors and haters all understand that this real estate thing that we we do is not just for us but for everyone.

We are not naive or made of false hype or empty promises but grown-up tech people with normal human flaws. We are real. We have feelings and emotions. We defend universal human rights, stand for total equality and fight against all racism but we don’t pretend to be perfect because we will never be.


We know that we are pretty damn good in what we do but we can be even better. We want to be better. We are gonna get better. Not alone but with You. We trust, respect, co-operate, challenge, question and support. We create collaboration, continuity and value and bring happiness and hope to everyone around us including ourselves. 

We predict the future of sustainable real estate by being curiously prophetic, compassionately objective, reliably transparent and gently rioting.

That’s where we stand. You’re OK with that?