We are a team of climate concious tech people

We are an ever-growing team of friends and colleagues who come from seventeen different countries. Many of us have a background in engineering, but we are also home to a whole host of diverse individuals, who share a passion for innovation and a mission to avert the climate crisis. We are a multicultural crowd of data engineers, developers, building experts, marketers, and sales and communication professionals. We are constantly looking for new people with other areas of knowledge, talent, interests and expertise. If you think you could be a good fit, please do get in touch.
SkenarioLabs was founded in Finland, and we like to honour our Finnish roots by enjoying a long drink in the sauna from time to time, but knowing the language is by no means required. We are a multilingual and global company and all of us speak English.
We have a lovely office here in Espoo Finland, just off a short bike ride or even shorter metro trip from down town Helsinki, but we also have colleagues across Europe and so treat remote working as a priority.
If you feel like you could be one of the team, please get in touch or apply to our open positions through LinkedIn.
We would love to hear from you!

DEI policy

We genuinely believe in prioritising diversity, equality and inclusion in everything that we do, say and think as an organisation. But we are also firmly aware that no company on this planet is perfect in this regard and we most certainly are no exception. We are educating ourselves to improve in all of our DEI-related matters. We are listening to different voices, especially those that belong to minorities. We will pay more attention to our tone of voice, recruitment processes and hiring representation. With respect to characteristics such as gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, race, language and disabilities are all areas where we can do, be and act better. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to our entire industry. We know that we can’t end racism, fix income inequality or solve all human rights violations but we can do everything in our power to make sure that our own culture, values, message and actions will be as diverse, equal, and inclusive as possible. Our DEI policies will be continually developed with these values in mind.

Sustainability policy

Let’s face it. Traditionally real estate has not been a green, sustainable or environmentally friendly business but rather the opposite. We are, however, now living in unprecedented times where strict regulations and firm mandates are finally forcing the industry to change. This ongoing transition has opened a much-needed window for us to help our clients be part of this new transformation. That is our main job; help make all real estate everywhere more sustainable and more responsible. With this, we also need to be fair and critical towards ourown energy performance, CO2 emissions and other sustainability issues. It’s clear that our platform and business operations consume electricity and other vital resources and we need to be able to optimise all of our services more effectively. We have a robust environmental roadmap in place and will be constantly looking for opportunities to improve in this regard.


Apologies. We know that neither our new website nor our platform is 100% perfect in terms of accessibility and user-friendliness. We try to do our very best to make all of our services more viewable, readable and enjoyable regardless of individual needs but in the meantime:
If you are experiencing any problems navigating this site or any of our services, please contact us directly and we’ll do our very best to fix those issues. Full and equal accessibility for everyone is something we strongly believe in. All comments, good or bad, are very much appreciated. Thank you for your patience, kindness, interest and understanding while we develop in this regard.